Your Brand Story!


So what are we doing here?

Talking about yourself is...hard. You know that feeling you get when you have to write a resume, sell yourself at a job interview, or impress someone on a first date?


In the same way, crafting a strong brand story can seem daunting, but when you get it right, it does a couple of key things. First, it creates trust and excitement with your audience. Second, it ensures that you're working in line with your own mission, and pushing towards your goals.

This story becomes the beating heart of all your marketing. It can inform decisions about your website, colors, and typefaces. It shapes the way you pitch your products and services. It influences the images and captions you use for social media posts, advertisements, and emails.

Your brand story is the core of who you are, and the most powerful way to connect with your audience.


Let’s make this awesome.

As we create or re-imagine your brand story, it’s important that we take time to reflect and discuss. We’ll go through exercises to dig under the surface and figure out what makes you tick. The story grows from what we find.

Don’t worry, though. My job is to make it as painless as possible.

Here are the three pieces you’ll walk away with:

  1. A 2–3 paragraph brand story (200–250 words). This is the foundation for your, mission, style, and unique selling proposition. It can be placed directly on your website, and used as an intro during meetings.

  2. A 1–3 sentence condensed story (50–75 words). This can be used in your digital and printed materials, social media, and pitches. It’s espeically helpful when talking about your company in person.

  3. A 3–6 word tagline. This can be used all over the place, and might even inspire a new hashtag...


It’s a lot of work

But it’s also a lot of fun (I promise)! Along the way you’ll find that you become more in-tune with your style, your priorities, and your audience. 


Here’s a basic rundown of the steps, how long each phase typically takes, and the budget.

Two 30 minute phone meetings are included at no cost. I recommend we schedule the first one after Step 1, and the second after Step 3, as noted below.

You should plan to invest 8 – 10 hours of your own time over the next 4 weeks. You’ll be filling out worksheets, reviewing content, and providing feedback. Plus, you’ll want to leave time for this to simmer in your mind…new ideas will spring up when you least expect them.


  • Before all else, we schedule a 30min phone call to discuss milestones in detail.

  • We review the scope of work, agree on terms, and activate the contract.

  • We exchange assets, plan out milestones, and slot due dates into our calendars.

  • Timeline: Around 5 business days.

  • Investment: $300


  • I review your current assets and any initial ideas you have.

  • You complete the Brand ID worksheet; I review and send questions.

  • I conduct research on your brand and other simliar brands.

  • Timeline: Around 3 business days.

  • Investment: $450


  • I generate, write, and deliver three concepts for your brand story.

  • Recommended: we connect on a 30-min consultation to discuss concepts.

  • You select one concept and provide notes.

  • Timeline: Around 3 business days.

  • Investment: $450


  • I create a beat-by-beat outline of your primary brand story.

  • You review and provide feedback.

  • I revise the outline and send back to you for approval.

  • Timeline: Around 3 business days.

  • Investment: $450


  • I write and deliver a first draft of your three-piece brand story.

  • You review and provide feedback.

  • Recommended: we connect on a 30-min consultation.

  • Timeline: Around 3 business days.

  • Investment: $450


  • I revise and finalize your three-piece brand story.

  • Brand story final draft delivered.

  • Timeline: Around 3 business days.

  • Investment: $450

Overall scope

  • Total timeline: 4-6 weeks

  • Total investment: $2550


That fine print

  • We will confirm specific due dates for each step as we go, depending on our schedules.

  • My standard work hours are Monday–Friday, 10:30am–6:30pm PT. Meetings outside those times can be arranged if necessary if we're in different time zones.

  • I’ll respond to your messages within one business day. Please do the same. Email is best.

  • If I fall behind deadlines, I'll contact you immediately to renegotiate timeline and budget.

  • If you fall behind deadlines, you'll contact me immediately to renegotiate timeline and budget.

  • If you need additional content, consultations, revisions, meetings, or other services beyond what is listed in the steps above, these will be billed at my standard rate of $150/hour. I will not bill you beyond our agreed-upon schedule without approval.

Questions? Comments? REady to rock?

Drop me a line and we'll set up a game plan.