Casamigos Mezcal deserves better than these LA scenesters

Casamigos mezcal, with a beautiful hand-finished bottle, and ceramic copitas.

Casamigos mezcal, with a beautiful hand-finished bottle, and ceramic copitas.

“Can you just make me a drink with the silver tequila?”

“Sure, you’d like a tequila on the rocks?

“No. No no no, I can’t drink that. I just don’t want the other stuff. Can you just…make me something?

Oh, our poor bartender. As this patron next to me continued with her muddled (and off-menu) attempt at a drink order, all I wanted to do was turn to her and ask WHY ARE YOU EVEN HERE?

Well, I knew exactly why she was here. But let me back up and set the scene.

We had just walked through the dimly-lit dining room of West Hollywood’s Petite Taqueria. As we ascended the stairs to the back room, the aroma of tacos tempted us, but first there was more important business: mezcal. We were here to sample and celebrate the sexy new release from Casamigos…but, of course, not everyone shares my priorities in life.

Both the Casa Margarita and Spiced Margarita were super tasty.

Both the Casa Margarita and Spiced Margarita were super tasty.

Our host must have seen the thirst in my eyes, because she quickly whisked us to the tasting table. She showed us the gorgeous bottle, and explained that the unique finish is completed by hand. No two bottles are completely alike. Then, she poured mezcal into little ceramic bowls called copitas, which I can’t believe I’ve never encountered before.

The joven mezcal from Casamigos is quite lovely. It’s not overly aggressive or punch-you-in-the-face smoky, but nuanced and balanced. I immediately described it as“delicate.” If you’re new to mezcal, this is super accessible and a great place to start.

But even a soft entry like this was too much to bear for certain individuals.

Here’s the thing: I go to my fair share of boozy events in LA, and the attendees are all over the board. Sometimes you fall into deep conversations with distillers and mixologists on the finer points of whiskey. Other times you hear fascinating stories from restauranteurs who want to educate people on how to pair delicious drinks with culinary delicacies. And sometimes it’s just a big party with people who want to make new friends.

Still, there’s always that other section of the crowd who’s just here to show off their new pants on Instagram. And this insufferable human at the bar didn’t give a damn about mezcal. She finally settled on tequila-with-lime-juice. Our bartender was wonderfully kind, and smiled as he shook up her drink. I, on the other hand, was rolling my eyes so hard that I could see the back of my own skull.

2018-04-17 casamigos 06.jpg

Why was I so bothered by this? Because the cocktails on offer were fantastic! I enjoyed a simple mezcal margarita with agave and orange bitters, while my girlfriend savored the spiced margarita with ginger syrup and turmeric powder. Both drinks were spot-on, and even if you’re not a mezcal drinker, weren’t they at least worth trying? Wasn’t that why we were here?

Well, as I watched a small group of people across the way take their seventeenth shot at the photo booth, I realized: nah, we were all here for our own reasons.

In any case: if you’re not familiar with Casamigos, it’s the brand helmed by George Clooney and Rande Gerber, and their mezcal is now on the scene. You can learn more about this new addition by heading over to Karla Alindahao’s article on Forbes, or just pop in to your local spirits shop.

Personally, I plan to get myself a set of those groovy little copitas and sip my mezcal as it was intended: neat, at room temperature, and with good friends who love new adventures.

Chad Eschman