An inspiring evening of death, music, and undersea pastries

The setup at play collaborative arts is not too shabby.

The setup at play collaborative arts is not too shabby.

Last night I died on a concrete floor in the Arts District. Afterwards, I went on to create a bakery at the bottom of the ocean. It was pretty great.

This was all part of the various exercises we went through during a four-hour collaborative rehearsal, hosted by play collaborative arts. They offer these rehearsals regularly, if it sounds like your jam. Since it was my first time attending, I wasn’t totally sure what to expect.

I arrived late, hustling past the glaring LED sign of the strip club across the street. Then, as I snuck in through the unmarked silver doors, I adjusted to the soft glow of warm lamp light. In the center of the large space sat a circle of people in the midst of some vocal exercises. They invited me in, and we created an improvised instrumental loop with only our voices. I played bass, if you were wondering.

From there, we went on to several rounds of physical exercises. We explored the room, taking on various shapes, characters, and personas. Eventually, we went through an entire evolutionary life cycle—which ended with us all lying dead on the floor.

My favorite part of the evening, however, was the writing section. We picked out some words at random, which we then used to write poetry on the spot. I selected the words “boulangerie” and “shark.” They led me to write this poem:

The Undersea Boulangerie

The Undersea Boulangerie

opens every day at 5:15 (when it’s very dark),

and the bread-bellied shark rings the bellfish.

Cash only.

Starfish danishes sell by the bucket

until the shark says: Hold,

it’s time for my cigarette break.

play collaborative arts

If you’re interested in play collaborative arts, head to their website to get in touch with Cole Rosner. They’re always hosting unique events, and you can rent their beautiful space for your next artistic project. In fact, this is where we shot most of Never Stop, my forthcoming short film…in which I also end up dead on the floor