This new boozy podcast is getting ready to go rogue

Getting ready to launch a podcast. Not pictured: the drink in my hand.

Getting ready to launch a podcast. Not pictured: the drink in my hand.

Every time you open a bottle, pour a glass, or place an order at the bar, you become part of a story.

This is the thing that’s become most clear to me over the past year or so of writing about the world of booze. When I spoke with Lance Winters of St. George Distillery, I learned how his childhood in California inspired him to create an amaro flavored with balsam fir, and colored red with insect extract. The artists at Ugly Rhino told me tales of their late night conversations over pitchers of beer, which led to the creation of a bi-coastal series of theatrical drinking games. Ann Kwon of Biergarten recounted her brother’s trip to Germany, which inspired him to launch the first craft beer restaurant in LA’s Koreatown (complete with German-Korean fusion food).

Rogue Bottle is the upcoming podcast where I’ll continue to speak with these outliers, innovators, and rule-breakers in the world of booze. But here’s the twist: I’ll also be featuring multi-talented actors, writers and musicians who share a passion for solid storytelling and a good drink. There will be music. There will be dramatic readings. There will be delightful rants and not-so-eloquent diatribes about the flavor profiles of ridiculous cocktails.

We’re hard at work on the first few episodes. I can promise you that this show will be equal parts informative and entertaining, intriguing and irreverent, in-depth and just plain weirdo.

If you want to know when we launch, drop your email in the jar.