360XQ Day 18: Clotheslines

This is how I dried my clothes during my stay in Chapala. It was awesome.

This is how I dried my clothes during my stay in Chapala. It was awesome.

Okay, I'm going to pivot from writing about writing for just a minute to discuss something entirely different: clotheslines.

I love clotheslines.

Here at the casita, while we do have a washing machine, we definitely do not have a dryer, so I've been hanging my laundry to dry. It's pretty fantastic. Have you guys ever tried this? Using sunpower to dry clothes? I highly recommend it.

Actually. While we're on this topic. And if I can be honest about this. I'm a pretty big geek about this stuff. And by "this stuff" I don't necessarily mean laundry, but I mean pretty much any time I can find a more efficient, less expensive way to do things—while simultaneously using less resources.

Examples of my insanity


I like to hand-grind my coffee beans by cranking a tiny little conical burr grinder from Hario. It's more consistent than a spin-grinder, cheaper than an electric burr, and travels really well.

Tonic water

I love making my own tonic water from scratch. This involves making syrup from cinchona tree bark, and results in a cloudy brown bubbly concoction. If you ever get hit with malaria, ring me up for this stuff. It's legit. (I'll soon be publishing a how-to recipe, but there are plenty of others out there you can find right now)


I live in LA, where a vehicle is basically mandatory. But who said it has to be a car? This Vespa gets 80 miles to the gallon, and can park pretty much anywhere—usually for free. It sneaks through traffic jams and flies away at signals. It is way fun.

And yes, laundry

Okay, so laundry is still part of this. I recently invested in a hand-crank washer and electric spin-dryer for my apartment. I know. I know. But listen. If you live in an apartment? They're cheap, use almost no electricity, and take up almost no space. I can do laundry whenever I want, without leaving the apt, and no sharing machines. I NEVER NEED QUARTERS. EVER. This just makes me want to dance.


By now, you may be thinking:

  • This guy is a nut job.
  • Jeez, what a hipster.
  • Jeez, what a hippie.

Well. Yeah, maybe.

But if you're intrigued by any of this, check out those links. I'm not getting paid for these plugs...but that's my mistake.

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