360XQ Day 28 + 29: I finished a play

The entire first draft was written by hand, then typed and formatted.

The entire first draft was written by hand, then typed and formatted.

I did not blog yesterday. I also did not check email or participate in social media yesterday. I’m amazed I even showered yesterday (but I did).

Yesterday I committed to do just one thing: to take all of the handwriting I’ve done over the past month, all of the scenes and fragments and monologues and incoherent scribbles, and to type it up into a formatted stage play.

I finished around 11:40pm. Success.

This is just a first draft, and it’s rough. There’s a lot more work to be done. Especially since it turned out to be a few ticks longer than expected.

This play

Well, it involves some of the following things:

  • Broken fingers
  • Gunfire
  • Las Vegas casinos
  • Pistachio ice cream
  • A military invasion of the United States
  • Smooches

360 Xochi Quetzal

In any case, I feel really good about the work I’ve accomplished during this month at the 360 Xochi Quetzal winter residency. It’s a been a while since I penned a full-length play, and this gave me the time, space, and change of scenery I needed to accomplish that.

Now, over the next 6 – 8 months, I’ll edit and revise the play, hold some readings, and hopefully get into some development workshops to take this thing up a few notches.

Then, in the fall, it shall be released into the world for consideration.

Just one day left in Chapala. And one more post.

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