360XQ Days 16 + 17: A midpoint

Writing plays about horrible biblical figures is better when you're drinking Palomas.

Writing plays about horrible biblical figures is better when you're drinking Palomas.

Yesterday was the last day of 2015, and today is the first day of 2016. It's an odd crossroads for my current writing.

As of now, I am halfway through my residency at 360 Xochi Quetzal, so the midpoint of my time here is balanced on the crux of the flipping calendar. I am also halfway through the first draft of my newest play. Act 1 was completed yesterday. Now I begin Act 2.

The play

If you're wondering: the play is a contemporary re-telling of the story of Lot, of Biblical prestige, and his family. It's set in Las Vegas, shortly after the US's west coast has been invaded by foreign armies.

Yay! A sunny new year!

Still, at its heart, my version of this story aims to be one of hope. The bleak original series of tales in this man's journeys lead me to feel utterly hopeless, disgusted and enraged. I believe he does everything wrong, supposedly justified by divine guidance and approval, while everyone around him suffers—especially the faceless females in his life.

The original story (kind of)

Chapter 1

Lot is rewarded for treating his daughters like cheap commodities at best, though really more like blunt weapons to be physically abused for the benefit of absolute strangers.

"Oh, a crowd of ravenous men wants to take turns sodomizing two strangers I just met? Never! Crowd, listen, just rape my two virgin daughters instead, 'kay?"

Chapter 2

He questions his divine instructions, from angels, to leave town. So, they bargain new terms and help him escape—meanwhile, his wife is fossilized for slipping up on an arbitrary and ridiculous stipulation. 

"I don't wannnnna leave town, God. Ugh, fine, but I wanna choose our new town. I wanna choose! Plus, I'm tired, and I overslept, can you just lift us up with magic and carry us out of town? Thankssss."

"Oh, and babe, if you look behind us, you'll die. Seriously. Don't look. Obey me on this, for real."

"Babe? Ugh. She looked, what a dummy."

Chapter 3

He moves to the new town. Then, he changes his mind...and takes his daughters to live in a cave instead. And those two rascally young ladies hatch a plan.

"Yo, I'm bored and there's no dudes around."

"Dad's getting old, right? He's never gonna have babies since dummy mom looked backwards and turned into a saltsicle."

"You're so right. But we have, like, a ton of wine, right? Let's get daddy drunk."

"And have sex with him?"

"You so read my mind."

He has, of course NO IDEA it even happens...two nights in a row. Because he is sooooo drunk.

If he wasn't so drunk, he'd stop them, right? 'Cause he's a stand-up guy.

Which is why he takes his daughters out of the city in the first place, to make them live in a cave with him...alone...with a few cases of wine, apparently.


But...what if. What if the women in Lot's life got tired of his bad decisions. What if they got tired of his abuse? What if they didn't want to go along with his bullshit anymore?

What if they took the power back?

P.S. These are not lines of dialogue from the play. Are you relieved or disappointed?

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