Bear Month 2015



If you’ve ever been in my presence during the month of April, you know this: April is Bear Month.

And yes, I do mean the forest animal, like Yogi, not the urban human, like Richard Bulger€”, although Bear Month is inclusive of all orientations, genders, and species.

This is the time of year when spring begins, the weather warms, the days get longer, and our friends the mighty bears awake from their hibernatory slumbers. They’re groggy. They really need to pee. They’re f-ing starving.

Gee. Sounds like me on a Sunday morning after a solid Saturday night. What’s the solution? It’s the same for both bears and humans: BRUNCH.

Bear Month is about celebrating the new season, and about giving a nod to how awesome bears are, but it all comes down to one tangible goal: have brunch parties in your pajamas and lie around in fits of laziness, enjoying the fact that Old Bastard Winter is dead and gone. Oh, and booze. Don’t forget the bear-strength brunch punch, ideally laden with honey.

Throughout the month I’ll be tweeting out Bear Facts, Bear Photos, and ideas for your Bear Brunch Punch.