Playwrights at Water Works

If you want to watch me struggle and agonize to finish the draft of a play in a public setting, now’s your chance.

As part of Chicago Theatre Week, I’ll be participating in the Playwrights at Water Works Project, a continuation of the Chicago Storefront Playwright Project, which I’ve been delighted to be part of in the past.

Throughout Theatre Week, various playwrights will be working on drafts at the Water Tower, with their laptops connected to a large video screen for all to see. Although I’m sure watching the words on the screen will be intriguing, I recommend watching the playwright’s face. Sometimes we make some pretty good faces.

I’ll be on deck Thursday, February 19 from 2:00pm –€“ 6:00pm.

I’m planning to do some hefty revisions on my full-length play The Memory Tax, and maybe curl up on the floor in despair from time to time because writing is hard.

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