360XQ Day 4

A fair amount of my Saturday was spent finishing up an article on vermouth. Because that's how I like to spend a Saturday. I'll let you know when it's available, and you can thank me later.

I also strolled through town and hit up a pharmacy, because mosquitoes are in love with me wherever I go, and these bites are no joke. I'll spare you images of my bug bite sadness, but here's a pretty wicked alley that I found along the way.


I ran into Christian and Mocha on my way back, and got to see some awesomely colorful real estate in the neighborhood. Christian showed me one of the properties they're currently remodeling, and this bird was hanging on the wall inside. Check out this bird. It's such a good bird.


In the evening there was a massive parade through the street downtown, which included: Santa in his sleigh, a shiny manger scene, and some guy in a leprechaun costume. So basically, everyone was there. I am sad to say I couldn't get any good shots of the parade, but I did snap a pretty solid pic of Satan, who was hiding up on a rooftop. He had a fish and a bottle of what I assume is brimstone.


Here's a tip for anyone traveling to Mexico: If you want to order a pale ale, you pronounce it pall-ay all-ay.

Here's another tip: avoid Satan.

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