Big plans, small bar tabs

Things are in motion.

I just had a lovely chat with the always delightful Erin Austin to discuss the co-production of an ambitious new project for the first half of 2015.

We met at Blue Line Lounge & Grill, where we took full advantage of their Sunday house wine special, because we have savvy minds for business. They provided a fireplace, some snazzy post-NYE-decor, and a relaxed place for us to scheme.

Although Erin and I work well together, we often have divergent opinions and tastes (she sipped the Cabernet Sauvignon, I opted for the Pinot Noir). I think this leads to strong collaboration as well as a decent buzz.

FUN FACT: The first time I came to Blue Line was on a weird first date, shortly after moving to Chicago. Today was much less awkward, especially since Erin was cool with splitting the tab (in fact, I’m pretty sure she overpaid).

I am not at liberty to say much about our maniac designs for this newly percolating project, except that Living Room Playmakers will be diving into some strange and beautiful new pools this year. We will be making full use of many of Chicago’s stalwart and hidden haunts in ways you’ve never seen. We will also be making use of varied media and some renegade production philosophies.

So GET READY, because this might end up as kind of a big deal.

Either way, we got some cheap wine on a frigid night, so we can’t lose.

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