Cheers, 2014

2014 was a remarkably busy year for Living Room Playmakers, my favorite playwright-driven theatre collective. We did these things:

  • celebrate our 1-year anniversary with a rockin’ party  
  • engage in our first co-production with Modet Dance Collective
  • host our first public readings, with our first guest writers (at O’Shag’s, of course)
  • mount two full-length productions, one with Roman Susan and one with District
  • watch Jennifer Rumberger expand her first LRP play and perform at ChiFringe (produced by JLS + myself)  
  • enjoy our inaugural retreat in Schaumburg like bosses
  • destroy several cases of cheap tipple, per usual

Each day, as we all kick away at the student debt and wander through our e-mail drenched day jobs, it’s nice to know we also made a big boatful of art. New art, centered on human beings we care about, and in the midst of a delightful collective of brilliant human beings.

Well, the coming year won’t be much different. In the brief air-gasp between the holidays that end the past year and begin the next, I met with Jessy to talk about launching some exciting new things in 2015. We have magic things hidden up our ruffled sleeves. LOOK OUT, PLANET. We met, as usual, in an unlikely bar—this time at Poor Phil’s, a hotel bar in Oak Park, where I tried a cocktail made with Scotch, chamomile, and pipe tobacco.

LRP will be starting off the new year in the best way I can possibly imagine: we’re meeting together as a group to talk about our plans, throw around our new ideas, and raise a mug of wine or two.

For my part, I now begin a new project, starting with this post: I am going to keep a catalog here of the theatrical work I do, the pubs and cafés I scheme in, and the cups I empty along the way. After all, my favorite things to make are indie theatre and strong cocktails.

But also amazing theatremaker friends.

Cheers, 2014. You were all right.

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