Bear Month 2013


It’s time, friends. The month of the mighty bear is upon us.

For those of you who don’t know, Bear Month is the greatest month of all. It’s the month in which we celebrate the amazingness of the animal known as the bear, and its emergence from hibernation. It’s a month of glory. It’s also sometimes called April (boring!).

How do we celebrate? Why, by having giant brunch parties in our pajamas, drinking pitchers of honey-laden cocktails, and having a big group cuddlenap on the living room floor.

Everyone is encouraged to celebrate Bear Month wherever they reside. It began in the California Bay Area in 2010, making this the 4th and most widespread incarnation yet, now being celebrated in cities across the country.

I’ll be tweeting bear facts, bear photos, and maybe even some bear sightings throughout the month, as well as my Bear Party menus and photos. Follow me to keep up!