Chad Eschman

creative storyteller

Who is Chad Eschman?

I'm the founder of Trap Street, a multimedia storytelling company.

As a writer, performing artist, and cocktail geek, I love exploring the hidden corners of Los Angeles. I host events for local freelancers. I consult with businesses around the world on the power of a compelling narrative.

I like my coffee black, gin neat, and everything spicy.

Why stories?

A good story cuts through the noise and stops you from scrolling. It slaps you in the face and grips your throbbing heart. When done right, a story isn't just hilarious and heartbreaking—it's unforgettable.



Check out  Never Stop, my new short film inspired by William S. Burroughs, and take a look at my articles on Contently. I can help you write a screenplay, craft your brand identity, or load your blog with stacks of amazingness. 





I first got into theatre at the age of six. Since then, my focus has shifted to interactive theatre inspired by—and taking place in—unusual locations. From furniture shops to haunted attics to neon art galleries, l want to blur your distinction between fiction and reality.


Cocktail Geek

Although I didn't have my first sip of alcohol until I was well past legal drinking age, I've fallen in love with distilling, brewing, winemaking, and mixology. I'm the host of Rogue Bottle, a podcast that explores unusual stories of outliers and rule-breakers in the world of booze.


A rainbow amidst the gloomy skies...a well full of water in a drought...the North Star when Google Maps is not available...such is Chad.
— Sarah L.
Chad was easy to talk to and seemed like the kind of person I would be friends with in real life.
— Michele C.
His rewrite had me in tears because it hit the mark so well. Thank you!
— Linda P.
Three words: professionalism, integrity, and talent. We just love the guy!
— Olga T.
His style, professionalism, organization, and writing (of course) are all top notch.
— Kevin E.
Chad is my go-to and should be yours, too.
— Michelle U.
I don’t think anyone in my life has ever listened to me like he did.
— Ginger V.
He is a natural storyteller.
— Hasan S.
He makes me sound so fun and sweet that I think I’d like to date myself now! ;) Thank you, Chad!
— Renee C.


Follow my boozy misadventures: @chadeschman

Ready to tell your story?

As I once saw on someone's Tinder profile, "You only YOLO once."

Header photo by: Ella Pravetz